Welcome to Comic Fusion Decor where we take boring furniture and turn it into a piece of art by hand cutting actual comic books and placing each image individually on the furniture to create a breathtaking collage. Each item that we make is unique because of this method. Aside from furniture we also collage a variety of items such as, guitars, wall canvases, picture frames, women's shoes, and more!

We also offer custom orders where you may choose a collaboration of characters to personalize your item. Our most popular products for custom orders feature characters from printed comic books and trades, but you're not limited to just those. You may also select from manga, magazines and art books. Prices may vary based on the obscurity of your item(s).

People often ask how we came up with the idea and grew a business out of it. It started when we needed to decorate our new home and wanted something new and unique. So we used some old manga and collaged a few end tables. Soon friends would come over and be amazed by what they saw. Because of this great response we went ahead and made several items for gifts for friends and family. From there we set up a tiny shop online, then we ventured to several local comic cons and continued to grow and enjoy everything about it.